What Concerns Tim?

·         Rising prices for gasoline, food and heating oil

·         High Unemployment and Underemployment

·         Skyrocketing property taxes

·         Town budgets that struggle to pay for state mandates

·         Connecticut is ranked as the Worst Place to Retire

What is Tim's Focus?

·        Promote job growth in Connecticut

·        Property Tax Relief

·        Protection of our seniors’ retirement funds and benefits

·        High quality public education that puts students’ needs first

Tim's Legislative Accomplishments

·        Voted for the bipartisan Jobs bill

·        Sponsored legislation to eliminate the wholesale gas tax

·        Worked to protect retirement funds from taxation

·        During Tim's 3 terms he has been appointed to 6 legislative committees:

          o   Education 3 terms and served as the Ranking member 

          o   Public Health and Human Services

          o   Energy and Technology and Finance, Revenue & Bonding

          o   Higher Education & Employment Advancement 3 terms